Mission Statement

To actively promote dynamic and sustainable online education by providing services to our clients that target the latest trends and best practices for success. We are committed to building organizational understanding, support, and resources based upon compliance standards and strategic operations that contribute to positive online learning outcomes. Personalized attention will be available to individual faculty seeking assistance with online course development and management solutions.


Vision Statement

Cultivating an environment of successful online teaching and learning through ingenuity, sustainability, and innovation.

Our leading goal is to work collaboratively with each of our clients to tailor services and to address your specific organizational or individual needs. Trained education specialists are available to provide the following services:

  • Online Education Program Assessment: Conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your online education program and develops action steps to increase student enrollment and success rates.
  • Professional Development: Comprises of face-to-face and remote training for faculty and other key personnel on compliance standards and an integrated approach to online teaching and learning practices for organizational growth and student success.
  • Instructional Technology Trends: Connects your organization to relevant trends in instructional technologies and facilitates their successful implementation into targeted online courses.
  • Curriculum Development: Assists faculty with the development of quality online courses.
  • Customized Resources: Develops pertinent resources for your organization, including an Online Educational Plan, Faculty Handbook for Online Education, and training webinars and tutorials on effective approaches to online success.
  • Accreditation Audits: Conducts mock audits to assist institutions of higher education with your future accreditation in the area of online education.
  • Train the Trainer: Targets specialized training for identified personnel within your organization to guarantee sustainable outcomes.

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