Strategic Online Education Solutions is proud to present the Online Center for Teaching Excellence as our capstone service for professional development courses and workshops.

The Online Center for Teaching Excellence offers innovative training opportunities to faculty and academic administrators on the latest trends in instructional technology and essential online teaching practices for student success. It is a perfect professional development and skills enhancement solution for districts, institutions, and campuses that strive to be leaders in online education. Clients can select among a variety of learning options ranging from our introductory course, Teaching Essentials for Quality Online Learning, to our more advanced Master Workshops or tailored-made trainings. All courses, workshops, and customized training opportunities will be created, implemented, and monitored by Strategic Online Education Solutions.


  • Interactive learning conducted remotely, hybrid/blended, or face-to-face
  • Quality learning facilitated by experts in the field of online teaching
  • Strategies and teaching plans for compliance and alignment with the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative
  • Easy access to a training platform
  • Efficient and easy to manage learning schedule
  • Affordable pricing with tangible results
  • Range of learning opportunities for all faculty, including:
  • Introductory course that provides a jump-start to quality online teaching
  • Specialized workshops that target key tools for success in online education
  • Face-to-face, customized trainings for faculty and academic administrators upon request


  • Builds faculty understanding and skills in online teaching
  • Increases student success in online learning
  • Strengthens the faculty’s online teaching techniques
  • Closes the success gap between online learning and face-to-face learning
  • Promotes quality growth in online education
  • Provides faculty with targeted strategies and technologies that will ultimately ease or reduce their workload in online instruction
  • Increases practitioners’ confidence in being able to effectively manage an online learning environment
  • Exposes both faculty and administrators/managers to sustainable strategies of success in online teaching and learning

Customized Trainings

Upon request, customized trainings for faculty, department chairpersons, and deans will be individually designed and implemented in accordance to their specific needs. These trainings may be offered face-to-face or remotely. As a primary step, a free consultation and general assessment will be conducted to determine the audience, training needs, and most effective course of delivery. In collaboration with the client, a service agreement will be established to define the training schedule, costs, and any other key logistics.

Customized Training Schedule: The training session will be scheduled based upon the needs of the client and as outlined in the service agreement

Signature Class

For faculty who are new to teaching online or want to refresh their skills, Teaching Essentials for Quality Online Learning offers a unique approach to the basics of effective practices in online education. This Signature Class will explore how to build an online course that promotes effective student engagement and learning with the integration of innovative technologies. Faculty will discover how to design online course content, establish online communities through active learning, use rubrics to evaluate student performance, and maintain state and federally mandated course compliance standards.

Class Schedule: Four (4) week online course with an average of six (6) hours per week of instruction and hands-on project and learning development.

Master Workshops

To delve into a hands-on learning experience in specialized content areas, faculty are encouraged to attend our Master Workshops. Each workshop is facilitated by an expert specialist who will guide faculty through the process of creating tangible products or incorporating resources that can be immediately applied to an online course.

Workshop Schedule: Two (2) week workshop with an average of four (4) hours per week of instruction and hands-on project and learning development.

Master Workshop Topics

  • Course Rubrics for Online Learning
  • Faculty/student websites
  • Course Lesson Plans
  • Online Curriculum Development Strategies
  • Integration of Instructional Technology in the Classroom
  • Online Student Assessment Methods
  • Course Syllabus and Lesson Plans
  • Accessible Resources for Student Success
  • Use of Social Media


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